Some frequently asked questions would be shown here. If the error you met is not contained here, please open an issue on out project https://github.com/abess-team/abess/issues.

Python package

Installation failed


First of all, please check the version of Python and GCC. To make sure that abess package runs correctly,

  • Python 3.5 or later is required

  • GCC 4.7 or later is required (support c++11)

What's more, the newer version is recommended. So if you meet some errors, please try to update the complier first.

Besides, in Windows, you may receive an error said “error: Microsoft Visual C++ *version* is required”. To fix it, you need to check if MSVC is installed and enabled correctly. That is, to download Microsoft C++ Build Tools and install (or re-install) the "Desktop development with C++" module inside.


If you receive an error said “Can't create or remove files in install directory” during the installation, this may be caused by permission denied. The step below would help with it.

  • For Linux/MacOS: run $ python setup.py install --user or $ sudo python setup.py install instead.

  • For Windows: run $ python setup.py install --user or run the command as an administrator.

Import failed

Folder name

Make sure your working folder path is not named “abess”. If not, Python would not import the abess packages and give some errors.

Example is not reproducible


Some examples are based on data generated by abess.datasets. Since it depends on numpy.random and it would causes differences on a different OS or CPU, you might get a different dataset and finally a different result.

R package

  • Update Rcpp package if you encounter the following errors:

function 'Rcpp_precious_remove' not provided by package 'Rcpp'