Cross-Validation Division

User-specified cross validation division

Sometimes, especially when running a test, we would like to fix the train and valid data used in cross validation, instead of choosing them randomly. One simple method is to fix a random seed, such as numpy.random.seed(). But in some cases, we would also like to specify which samples would be in the same "fold", which has great flexibility.

In our program, an additional argument cv_fold_id is for this user-specified cross validation division. An integer numpy array with the same size of input samples can be given, and those with same integer would be assigned to the same "fold" in K-fold CV.

import numpy as np
from abess.datasets import make_glm_data
from abess.linear import LinearRegression
n = 100
p = 1000
k = 3

data = make_glm_data(n=n, p=p, k=k, family='gaussian')

# cv_fold_id has a size of `n`
# cv_fold_id has `cv` different integers
cv_fold_id = [1 for i in range(30)] + \
    [2 for i in range(30)] + [3 for i in range(40)]

model = LinearRegression(support_size=range(0, 5), cv=3), data.y, cv_fold_id=cv_fold_id)
print('fitted coefficients\' indexes:', np.nonzero(model.coef_)[0])
fitted coefficients' indexes: [243 295 659]

The abess R package also supports user-defined cross-validation division. For R tutorial, please view

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